Xian Lim is enjoying together with Kim Chiu in their first long ride.


Xian Lim caption in his instagram “Exploring the world with you is the best feeling I could ever ask for”.

The two started dating back in 2012 but not yet have a time to go on a long ride, this time long time wish of Xian Lim that she could have Kim Chiu as his back ride to travel beautiful places whatever they want.

Xian Lim is enjoying together with Kim Chiu in their first long ride

Xian Lim Instagram: The two couples enjoying their first ride together

The actor added in his post thanking to Kim Chiu for having the opportunity to travel together in his big bike.

Throughout the time that I started riding, I got to meet wonderful people who share the same passion as I do..thank you for this nakakahappy that this is our first time to explore on a big bike. It is such a different experience. I love you for trusting me thank you! (Sorry sa mga nakaka asa nito at nacocornihan na haha sobrang saya ko lang talaga)
Salamat coach Sam sa patience, time and effort you put in a aming mga students mo grabe to more rides, to exploring the world🌎 to trusting in Him that nothing that ever happens to us is a coincidence. It is through faith, knowing and believing that everything will fall in to place. Dami ko na sinabi. Hanggang dun na muna super happy!

Kim Chiu also responded with a sweet caption:

“As long as you are happy!! Kahit mega init, laban lang!! Hahahha thanks xi!!”

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