World Population as of November 2023


Even the existence of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) does not stop the growth of population the disease killed almost 7 million people as of this writing. Let’s start analyzing from 1000 years BCE (before common era), population is only 50 million and 500 years BCE doubled to 100 million people and approximately 200 million people live on earth in the year 0.

world populations

It was roughly 370 million people live on earth in 1350 which is widely known as the Black Death. Black Death (1346-1353) is the bubonic plague pandemic occurred in Western Eurasia and North Africa that killed 75-200million people.

The world population took 1800 years to reach 1 billion people in the planet.

The world population increased by 65% in 1800-1900 or 1.65 billion people and increased approximately almost 4 billion people in another 100 years, estimated 6.1 billion people in the year 2000, the increased is 0.04% annually since 1900.

But now the world population has increased by 1.34% since year 2000 and the current world population is now approximately 8+ billion people according to worldometers.

Below are the top 5 countries with a most population around the world.

Countries Populations in Billion

1. India


2. China


3. USA


4. Indonesia


5. Pakistan


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