Tracking LeBron James reaching 40,000 point-mark


Taipei, Taiwan – LeBron James, who becomes the oldest NBA player to record a thirty-six triple-double in NBA history earlier this week against the Golden State Warriors.

All Star weekend is approaching but NBA fans all around the world is excited about LeBron James points every game, starting this season he reaches a 39,000 point-mark and based on our data Lebron will reach 40,000 mark after the All Star week that will start on February 16, 2024.

Tracking LeBron James hitting 40,000 point-mark, LeBron James becomes the first NBA player to reach 39,000 points, Tracking LeBron James Path reaching 40,000 point-mark

Tracking LeBron James reaching 40,000 career points

LeBron James now is only behind by two hundred fifty-three points to hit another milestone with 40,000 points. Currently, James already had 39,747 total points.

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