TOP 2 of Philippines biggest Telecom sign and interconnection deal with DITO Telecommunity


Manila, Philippines – Within a week top 2 of Philippines biggest network sign a deal with DITO Telecommunity. PLDT earlier this week sign an interconnection deal to DITO Telecom, to serve more people throughout the country.

TOP 2 of Philippines biggest Telecom sign and interconnection deal with DITO Telecommunity

GLOBE and PLDT sign an interconnection deal with DITO Telecommunity

We want the public to know that on March 8 this year 2021, we will be having our commercial launch. Phased launch. First in Mindanao per
Chief administrative officer Adel Tamano.

Dito Telecommunity passed its first technical audit from National Telecommunications Commission for having having a broadband speed of 507.5Mbps for its 5G service and 85.9Mbps speed for its 4g service.

As Dito Telecommunity nearing its launch date this March 2021 in Mindanao area, GLOBE Telecom and DITO Telecom sign an interconnection agreement that covers domestic mobile calls and SMS enabling Globe’s customers to make mobile calls, send SMS with DITO Telecommunity’s customers without additional charges. The interconnection is expected to commence next month[globe].

Globe’s collaboration with DITO Telecommunity is part of our commitment to improve customer services by enhancing connectivity among others. This interconnection also reflects the vibrancy of competition in the telecommunications industry as per Globe general counsel Atty. Froilan Castelo said

Under Republic Act 7925 Interconnection among telco providers in the Philippines it to promote and govern the development of telecommunications in the country and the delivery of Public Telecommunications services.

This ACT enables a telecommunications entity to relay and receive voice, data, electronic messages, written or printed matter, fixed or moving pictures, words, music or visible or audible signals or any control signals of any design and for any purpose by wire, radio or other electromagnetic, spectral, optical or technological means[ra act 7925].

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