Lebron James streak in first round playoffs is in Jeopardy?


The defending champions Los Angeles Lakers is now trailing 2-3 in the West First round against the top seeded Phoenix Suns. In their game 5 loss, the Suns blew out the defending champion with 30 point margin, Lebron James only finished with 24 points, 7 assist and 5 rebounds.

In his NBA career, Lebron James never lost in NBA playoffs first round series, he holds “14-0” since started in 2003 at Cleveland Cavaliers. This will be the 15th playoff appearance of Lebron James in his 18th season in the NBA. The only player has a better record than Lebron James is Robert Horry and Derek Fishers who had “16-0” in the first round.

Lebron James streak in first round playoffs is in Jeopardy?

Lebron James Instagram – Lebron James streak in the first round is on the brink

Lebron’s James career when facing elimination is 14-10 and his average double-double on those games with 33.7 points, 10.8 rebounds and 7.5 assist per game.

Lebron James streak is on the brink, they will try to even the series at 3 a piece tomorrow, during their game 5 loss Anthony Davis did not play because of groin strain injury and unlikely to play in game 6 again.

But Lebron James is confident enough to this challenge without Anthony Davis, before the game 5 loss and said:

These shoulders were built for a reason and if it takes for me to put more on top of it then so be it. Win, lose or draw. I’m ready for the challenge.

Last time Lebron James faced an elimination game in the first round NBA Playoff against the Idiana Pacers and that was game 7 when he scored 45 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assist. Eventually they lost to the Golden State Warriors NBA Finals of 2018.

source: baskeball-reference, nba

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