Kai Sotto still “DNP” in the Orlando Magic 2nd Summer League Game


Kai Sotto log in the Orlando Magic’s first summer league game as “DNP” in their opening campaign “89-78” loss against the Detroit Pistons led by former Golden State Warriors James Wiseman who finished double-double performance with 17 points and 10 rebounds.

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Even though Orlando Magic coach said that every player in his 16-man Summer League team will be given the chance to shine as Dylan Murphy told to the media.

Sotto log again in today’s Orlando’s loss to the Indiana Pacers as “DNP” coach decision in a tough “108-85”.

Sotto will be the first homegrown Filipino to play in NBA if ever the Orlando Magic will impress in his summer league, but unfortunately Kai Sotto did not play a single minutes in Orlando’s 2nd summer league.

Dylan Murphy also praises the young Sotto:

He’s doing a really good job in our practices
“Credit to him he’s got a good attitude, doing things the right way.”

Hopefully Kai Sotto will earned a minute in the upcoming games against New York in July 13 “8:00am” and July 14 against Portland Trail Blazers “9:00am” all in Manila Time.

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