Head to Head Comparison of Lebron James and Kareem Abdul Jabbar


LeBron James, recently surpassed the great Kareem Abdul Jabbar in the all time scoring leader in NBA history, for almost 4 decades that the record stood. Before, they said record could not be broken until a kid from Akron Ohio was born and has skill and high IQ in basketball, James drafted in 2003 in the Cleveland Cavaliers and become the rookie of the year.

Head to Head Comparison of Lebron James and Kareem Abdul Jabbar

James already had 4 championship trophy 2 of them from the Miami Heat for 2 consecutive years 2012 and 2013, while the latest championship of Lebron was the NBA bubble in 2020 and the most historic championship in his career is against the Golden State Warriors in which his team is down by 3-1 and made Cleveland Cavaliers’ title ends 52 years Drought.

LeBron James now has a total of 38,390 points and counting, analyst also predicted that James will become the first player to reach 40k points before he retires in the NBA.

Kareem also played 21 seasons in the NBA and retire as the league’s all-time leading scorer with 38,387 points, you can see below the comparison between the two scoring leader.

Field Goal Made / Attempt 3Point Field Goal / Attempt Games Played
Lebron James 14,053 / 27,829 2,237 / 6,494 1,410
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 15,837 / 28,307 1 / 18 1,560

source nba.

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