Filipina Nurse killed in Terror attacked by “Hamas” in Israel


Manila, Philippines – Two Filipinos confirmed dead in the terror attack by Hamas in Israel, one of them is a Filipina Nurse. “Angeline” Nurse had been working as a caregiver for 6 years in Israel, the Filipino Nurse recently married to her husband who is residing in the Philippines.

Filipino Nurse killed in Terror attacked by 'Hamas' in Israel

My heart is heavy upon hearing confirmation of the deaths of two Filipinos in Israel. The Philippines condemns these killings and stands firmly against the ongoing terror and violence.

President Bongbong Marcos said.

According to Hassan-Nahoum, Angeline had been caring her elderly patient name as “Nira”. She also added that, Angeline has a chance to escape the violence attack of Hamas but Angeline showed her loyalty by remaining to Nira’s side at the time of Hamas assault.

source: inquirer

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