Bank of Taiwan to auction “special” banknotes


Bank of Taiwan is already started to auction banknotes with serial numbers “8”. The Central Bank of Taiwan will offer lucky holder of money with special serial numbers “8”.

Some people are willing to pay a premium for banknotes with serial numbers such as “888” that start with one or more eights, as the number eight is believed to symbolize prosperity in Mandarin.

Bank in Taiwan to auction

An example of NT$100 and NT$1000 bill that has special serial number “8”

A total of 4,395 banknotes with 121 sets of numbers are set to be auctioned that start and end with two English letters. Bank of Taiwan is to publish details about the auctions on its Web site on May 23 2023.

On June 2013 a NT$100 bill auctioned for NT$15,360 with a serial number of SU888888AK.

source: taipe times

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